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Video production has been at the core of Sandoval Creative since our inception. As technology and processes have evolved, so have we. Our approach over the years has been a constant but technological advancement has made quality video production more attainable for a wider base of marketers.

Today’s technology forward, video-oriented consumers have created demand for the type of efficient, high-quality production that Sandoval delivers.

Video for the modern age

Integrated and geared for results

Creative Concept
Whether you’re building website banners or a full broadcast TV campaign, the marketing specialists at Sandoval Creative have the knowledge and resources to execute any idea. Using our extensive knowledge in creative concept marketing and visual executions, our creative translates your communication objectives into effective marketing strategies.
Script Development
Let us tell your story. We'll create a compelling message that targets your demographic and get results. We spend time getting to know your culture, products/services, and market so your script resonates with your voice.
Art Direction and Design
Sandoval Creative is well established in the Art Direction and design fields. We have art directed and designed thousands of ads for Broadcast, Print, Website and Digital advertising. Our design team is award winning with a specialty in brand development, illustration , and visual impact advertising.

What we Offer.

Pre-Production Supervision
Sandoval Creative will supervise all pre-production, which includes creative development, scripting, talent casting (both crew and on-camera/voice over), scouting, equipment production scheduling to production coordination.
Production Supervisors, Producers & Directors
Our production team has produced thousands of broadcast TV commercials for the national, regional and local markets. We have an extensive expertise in very large budget broadcast formats, as well as smaller budget productions. We have also developed an expertise in longer format marketing videos.
We will also supervise post-production in our state of the art in-house post-production edit and special effects suites. Our in-house post-production department boasts some of the best talent our field has to offer. We specialize in creative and visual impact advertising. Our talent utilizes the latest in video editing, motion graphics, special effects and 3D animation software.
Carondelet Health Network
A new brand with a fresh concept was imagined. Sandoval was contracted to develop and execute and plan the delivery of this vision across all media platforms. We continue to build ad campaigns for the multiple departments and specialties that prove why Carondelet is one of the best health organization in Arizona.
Carondelet Health Network
Carondelet Health
Anthem - TV
Mercedes-Benz of Tucson
This is a production where we marry the brand with the emotion of the buying experience. This project is very visual and really shows the true capabilities of our in-house production department.
Mercedes-Benz of Tucson
Mercedes-Benz of Tucson
Vision - TV
To tell a story in 30 seconds is difficult. To tell that same story in a single image is sometime impossible. In this spot we share how a large percentage rate is an ever looming annoyance. Whether your mortgage, auto rate or credit card, a large rate will always cramp your style. This campaigns air across all media, digital and print platforms.
Infographic video is a key execution video platform that delivers a very complicated message in a clear concise manner. The ability to tell a story with text while giving it emotional context and impact is difficult. It just happens to be something we do every day.
We produced a series of commercials for Chevy where we put focus on the buyer’s lifestyle. This series did not put any emphasis on the buying experience.
Silverado - TV
Storytelling through branded content is the perfect platform to captivate and humanize a product. This project lives internationally to communicate digitally pathology platforms that bring access to care to almost every corner of the world.
Ventana Medical Systems
Access to Care - TV
Nova Home Loans
This Regional Campaign produced for Nova Home Loans communicates partnership and reliability. Multiple TV and Radio Spots, Outdoor, Print and Digital ads were produced. We continue to partner with this innovative company.
Nova Home Loans
Nova Home Loans
Hero -TV
Chapman Acura
Beautiful TV commercial featuring the high-line car dealer.
Chapman Acura
Chapman Acura
TV commercial