Behavioral Economics

Analyze / Interpret / Execute

Sandoval Creative

What does a foundation in research look like here at Sandoval?

• Understanding the complexities of emotional triggers and how they influence the way in which consumers process promotional information.

• Being intentional in the way that marketing tools are developed.

• Utilizing heavy amounts of research and analytics to support the motives in promotional resources.

We believe that It is not solely about making products and services more attractive to a consumers eye, but one has to also take into account the way that consumers mentally process the promotional tools they were given.


Reaching Beyond Emotional Appeals into the Purchasing Process

The study of human behavior and behavioral economics takes into consideration how a consumer processes the information given in an advertisement. The way information is presented should be adjusted based on the perceptions of different markets. Understanding that it is not just about getting the attention of the consumer but making the sale, forces this agency to be intentional when it comes to the development of both creative and strategy. Being hyper sensitive to consumer purchasing behavior puts Sandoval in the position to be more effective and efficient when compared to the next best guy.

When promotional tools are develop on shallow information it is often retorted with a surface level response that does not always makes a sale. When a marketer takes the time to not just make an advertisement engaging on the surface, but also works to challenge a consumers train of thought, then it is successful. This is made possible by understanding the behavior of consumers through research and development. Approaching strategy and creative with a foundation in research that provides analytical insight is what drives efficiency in marketing, and what drives efficiency at Sandoval.