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Digital Placement

Our digital marketing strategy is built on the foundation of measurable results. We know that the first step to a strong ROI is an online marketing strategy. Our marketing strategists build a thorough understanding of your business by immersing themselves in your brand, industry, and competitive landscape. This research is used to outline a clear set of guidelines and recommendations for digital growth.

Paid Media

We create a comprehensive paid media strategy and project plan that clearly outlines deliverables and measurable business goals. We are the authority in all paid search, display, re-marketing, PPC advertising and social media advertising campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to, landing page recommendations, ad copy, targeting options, and budget.

Measurement Planning

We create short-term and long measurable goals to evaluate campaign performance. We identify KPI’s and ensure goals are met. With the right digital marketing approach, you’ll see improved conversion rates, better user engagement, and an overall increase in ROI. Our planning and strategy is based on a tailored goal set in place before your campaign even begins. Looking beyond the curve of the future is our specialty at Sandoval.


We feel compelling content is the driver for our digital results. Effective content marketing and development strategy allows you to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing initiatives. Sandoval creates content that gets your target audiences to open and thoroughly view content, immerse them in engagement that will result in sharing and eventually push them towards your website.

Social Media

It’s hard to stay on top and ahead of all the chatter when you have better things to do, such as running your business. Social Media management is an extension of our customer service. Protection of your reputation and enhancement of your brand awareness is Sandoval’s goal when developing your social media strategy. We create this strategy based on the guarantee that you will stay up to date with the latest strategy trends, platforms, and tools that make sense for your business.