Omni-Touch Media Placement

in-depth consumer insight

Sandoval Creative

Omni-touch media service

At Sandoval, our media placement is far from traditional. Our omni-Touch approach encapsulates online, social, behavioral, broadcast, cable, mobile, event, print, outdoor, affiliate sponsorships, and the latest in digital marketing tools.

Emerging technologies and the evolving media landscape have become our passion. The use of data insights into this 24/7 digital world has equipped us to provide in-depth consumer information tailored specifically to our clients.

Part of our tailored approach lies in our media planning and buying methods. Our fervent audience mapping uniquely determines the most relevant media channels needed to touch each member of your target audiences. We study not only what your customers are doing, but also what your customers are thinking and feeling and why they’re doing so. This allows us to map each customer’s journey and to develop insights that lead to appropriate, timely and compelling connections.

Unifying interactive platforms and traditional media choices takes an experienced team of specialists to keep your advertising targeted and relevant. This unification maximizes your audience reach at the lowest cost. We strive to create a plan for you that surpasses your expected goals while always having the “why?” in mind. Sandoval firmly believes that having the correct communication strategy and media plan will amplify your business.

Although Sandoval’s work with our clients on local, regional, and national levels is expansive, we are able to create individualized strategies for each market, including your own.