Sandoval Creative
Services: Video production
Award winning full service Video Production
and Creative Services

Creative Concept and Script Development

Whether you’re building website banners or a full broadcast TV campaign, the marketing specialists at Sandoval Creative have the knowledge and resources to execute any idea. Using our extensive knowledge in creative concept marketing and visual executions, our creative translates your communication objectives into effective marketing strategies.

Art Direction and Design

Sandoval Creative is well established in the Art Direction and design fields. We have Art Directed and designed thousands of ads for Broadcast, Print, Website and Digital advertising. Our design team is award winning with a specialty in brand development, illustration , and visual impact advertising.

Pre-Production Supervision

Sandoval Creative will supervise all pre-production, which includes creative development, scripting, talent casting (both crew and on-camera/voice over), scouting, equipment production scheduling to production coordination.

Production Supervisors, Producers & Directors

Our production team has produced thousands of broadcast TV commercials for the national, regional and local markets. We have an extensive expertise in very large budget broadcast formats, as well as smaller budget productions. We have also developed an expertise in longer format marketing videos.


We will also supervise post-production in our state of the art in-house post-production edit and special effects suites. Our in-house post-production department boasts some of the best talent our field has to offer. We specialize in creative and visual impact advertising. Our talent utilizes the latest in video editing, motion graphics, special effects and 3D animation software.

Our Story

In today's globalized economy, demographic developments and advances in technology, a business needs a non-traditional resource that understands the link between marketing and business strategy in this emerging market. Our work does not come from traditional places. New ideas, fresh concepts, diverse insights and imaginative ways of looking at the world and how to communicate turn the gears of our company.

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